Certificate iii Early Childhood – Career Opportunities in Childcare Industry

Jul 25, 2016 • Sebastian Gunter

Intro to child care coursesChildcare services are considered to be one of the top five fastest growing careers in Melbourne, Australia. With an increasing demand for trained personals in the field of child care it has become necessary to secure the Certificate iii Early Childhood.

There have been quite a few changes in the government policy which has increased the need for highly skilled and professional individuals in child care.

Basic facts about child care industry

The following are a few basic facts regarding the development of child care services in Melbourne

  • More than ninety percent children under the age of five attend a day care either for a few hours or the whole day.
  • This boom in the number of children attending day care has increased the demand for individuals who are properly trained to deal with younger children
  • The best part about being a child care worker is that you can secure a job right out of high school. It can prove to be rewarding for younger people to look after and take care of their wards. However with the recent change in government policy it has now become mandatory for child care workers to possess some form of certificate or diploma.
  • Most of these courses can be learned on the job as well. If you are unable to attend the course you could even take an online one and earn a certificate or a diploma for yourself.
  • Having a certificate iii Early Childhood could help you secure a job faster. However if you want to have a highly paid and important career in child care you may need to get a college degree for it.
  • It is necessary to have some form of experience before you start your own child care services. It also helps to have basic understanding of art, music and role playing as all these things combine to create an interesting environment for children.
  • Other careers in child care industry include pre-school teachers and directors. However these individuals need to complete a four year degree from a university to get the job of their choice. The certificate iii course can also help these individuals to polish their basic child development skills.

Entry requirements to enroll for a Certificate iii Early Childhood

Before enrolling for the cert iiislide

  • Candidates need to undergo a police check, a Victorian Working children check
  • Pass a test for language and literacy which is equivalent to year 10 to be eligible for child care courses
  • Would have to attend an interview with the course instructors who would analyze whether you are genuinely interested in caring for children and are a viable candidate.

People who are passionate about working with children and caring for them are the ones who should focus on making child care as their career. The opportunities for well trained and experienced individuals are on the rise. However it requires a great deal of patience and dedication to excel at child care services.

Individuals who are successful in securing the certificate can get jobs as day care facilitators, nannies and pre-school teacher assistants.

For more information regarding the certificate iii early childhood make sure you visit this website.