Hiring a Small Business Lawyer For Your Melbourne Business

Aug 17, 2015 • Sebastian Gunter

Business Law

When you own a business, you need legal protection. Even if you own a small business with a small ecommerce portal, you will work with hundreds or thousands of clients. You definitely need to protect your business from a legal point of view, and for this you should hire the services of a highly skilled and experienced business lawyer.

Before actually hiring a lawyer, there are several facts that you must keep in mind. During your research or your initial appointment with the business lawyer, remember the following:

  • Experience in your field of work- this is perhaps the most important. If you are a Melbourne business, then you need a business lawyer very well acquainted with Victorian law. Business lawyers in Melbourne like this company offer very good legal advice to Victorian businesses. If you are selling cosmetics, you surely need a lawyer who knows all the ups, downs and shortcuts in this trade. Keep in mind that your lawyer will need to help you several times with legal related business issues… so he needs to be a very good professional!
  • Ask the lawyer details regarding his experience in conflict resolution. Typically, business lawyers who are very litigious oriented are quite difficult to work with and the settling of the case also takes much longer. Depending on your field of expertise, you might need a lawyer who is a very experienced professional in mitigating disputes instead of going to Court with the smallest of problems.
  • Your lawyer should be the one handling the task, and not delegate it to paralegals. It is much better to pay a little extra and get peace of mind that all the issues are handled directly by the lawyer and not by middle persons.
  • You need your lawyer to be easily accessible and quite prompt. Signing a deal with a lawyer that you cannot contact whenever you need him the most is not a good idea. A wise tip would be to choose yourself a lawyer that is indeed experienced but not one that has 100 clients. As a small business owner, certain legal issues might arise promptly and you need to be able to talk to your lawyer easily and reach him quickly.
  • Billing methods- yet another important fact to keep in mind is the billing method of that specific lawyer. Keep in mind that top lawyers will bill at least an hour, even though they might offer you assistance only for 25 minutes. It is much better to look for business lawyers charging in 10 or 15 minute increments for example, because this is a much more realistic method of billing. Paralegal fees and legal research are generally charged separately, so you might want to ask about how much they charge for these extra services as well, before making a hire.

A business lawyer is an extremely important person who will assist you with any legal issues that might arise. If you own a business- big or small you should also have a personal business lawyer. Research well all the options available, and choose a lawyer who has good experience in your field of business, who is highly skilled and experienced and who is easily reachable whenever you need his assistance. Invest quality time into research and ask all these important questions right at the initial appointment. Such important information will help you make the right choice!